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unclassified - 30 05 2002 - 16:11 - katatonik

ballgame wallgame

It’s like playing a ball game across a wall. A sensory deprivation wall. You can’t see, hear, smell who’s on the other side, you can’t even see, hear, smell whether there’s anyone on the other side at all.
So you start throwing balls over the wall. Sometimes nothing comes back. But you don’t know why. Was there anyone who picked up the ball and just kept it, because they liked it so much? Was there just noone there? Or was there someone who picked it up and threw it away in disgust? Did you throw it too hard and hit someone? Not that you could hear them shrieking in pain, mind you.
Sometimes something comes back. The same ball. A different ball. A completely different object. Sometimes you keep it, sometimes you throw it away in disgust, sometimes you just have to move aside because otherwise you’d get hurt, and sometimes, well, sometimes you’re just not around.
You keep throwing. Sometimes you wonder whether you’re throwing too much. You feel you’re running out of things to throw. And other things need to be done as well.
But then again one of those incredible objects lands in your lap, and you just can’t bring yourself to stop.

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