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austropolitics - 26 06 2002 - 03:02 - katatonik


Der österreichische Verfassungsgerichtshof hebt §209 auf, demzufolge für männliche homosexuelle Partnerschaften ein ein anderes Schutzalter gilt als für heterosexuelle Partnerschaften, oder für weibliche homosexuelle Partnerschaften.
Der österreichische Bundeskanzler kann sich ein unterschiedliches Schutzalter auch in Zukunft vorstellen, “wenn es sachlich begründet sei”.
An welche Art von Sachlichkeit der Bundeskanzler hier wohl denkt?

Can I pleeeeze comment now?

sock (Jun 26, 03:05 am) #

Yep, but you'll still get a "page not found" error when hitting the submit button. But your log shows up all right.

katatonik (Jun 26, 03:14 am) #

me to want throw log!

foot (Jun 26, 10:14 pm) #

Just keep throwing, guys.

katatonik (Jun 26, 10:44 pm) #

Ok, and now a link to burnt brains.

sock (Jun 26, 11:16 pm) #

Well, Sock, that didn't work. Alas!

gHack (Jun 26, 11:36 pm) #

Yep, Nucleus' link handling in comments is somewhat confusing. Another link? This time to self.

katatonik (Jun 26, 11:37 pm) #

What is the difference between this link and a normal copy-and-paste-thing like this: http://hirnverbr.antville.org

gHack (Jun 26, 11:44 pm) #

OK. It recognizes copied links, but it doesn't display the link correctly as text, too.

gHack (Jun 26, 11:45 pm) #

I see. The script just looks for the pattern http://somepattern.match and then surrounds it with a href markup. Not a good idea, if you ask me, especially not for older, imported entries where all links are hard-coded. Must see whether I can disable this.

katatonik (Jun 26, 11:47 pm) #

Hehe, for newly added comments this should work now (I hope): <a href="http://somelink.here">link</a>.

katatonik (Jun 26, 11:48 pm) #

Hehe, for newly added comments this should work now (I hope): link.

katatonik (Jun 26, 11:49 pm) #

Shit. And to make this effective on older comments, I have to open each of them manually and re-edit. ARGH!

katatonik (Jun 26, 11:51 pm) #

hi birgit, komme gerade übers nucleus-forum hier vorbei. könntest du mir mal mailen, wie du das html für die kommentare angeschaltet hast. - das geht, soweit ich sehe, jedenfalls nicht über eine einstellung per menü, müsste also code-frickling heißen, oder irre ich mich?

roland (Jun 28, 12:08 am) #

hi there

are you still editing by hand?

the people that read my blog are really annoyed by this link thing, i think there may be a revolution ;)

could you mail me your hack? i don't have to worry about imported comments, because my old system didn't use them, so i think your hack should be just what the doctor ordered...


patrick (Jul 6, 10:08 pm) #

  Textile help