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technological innovation - 28 06 2002 - 02:47 - katatonik

Romance. These Days.

  1. Find poem written by loved one online. Onscreen.
  2. Drool. Extensively.
  3. Make screenshot. Cut out enough of poem so as to not only see the text, but to also get some additional design surrounding it. Something like “menu …” or “0 comments – post comment”. Some sort of visual authenticity. You know.
  4. Save as JPG.
  5. Notice you don’t have a printer at home.
  6. Upload poem JPG to web server directory.
  7. Move to place with printer.
  8. Have no bicycle accident. Break no limbs.
  9. Download poem JPG from web server directory.
  10. Print.
  11. Cut out 5×3 cm poem square from A4 printout. Using scissors.
  12. Take poem square home.
  13. Pin poem square to wall.
  14. No, wait. Better use cement.
  15. Drool. Extensively.

I will cut this out and keep it under my pillow so that if I am sad I can take it out and read it silently.

gHack (Jun 28, 03:41 pm) #

Oh! Now I can cut this out and ...

katatonik (Jun 28, 03:46 pm) #

  Textile help