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le cross et le culture et le thinking - 3 07 2002 - 01:25 - katatonik

Timeless advice

“Until, therefore, it can be proved historically that the Greeks received their philosophy from India or the Indians from Greece – or until coincidences can be pointed out which it is impossible to explain otherwise, it will be best to consider both Greek and Indian philosophy as autochthonic, and to derive from their mutual similarities only this consolatory conviction, that in philosophy also there is a certain amount of truth which forms the common heirloom of all mankind, and may be discovered by all nations if they search for it with honesty and perseverance.”

Max Müller: “Indian Logic”, Printed as an appendix to W. Thomson, “An Outline of the Necessary Laws of Thought”, 1853. Reprinted in Jonardon Ganeri (ed.): “Indian Logic – A Reader”, Richmond/Surrey: Curzon Press, 2001. (See here for Google’s HTML-rendering of Ganeri’s draft for the introduction. The original Word DOC always brings Word to crash on my PC.)

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