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unclassified - 27 04 2001 - 02:10 - katatonik

incidentally versioning versions

here’s me going through old tapes and playing one that an old friend in hiroshima once put together for me. i’d listened to it many times. the most memorable track for me was nina simone’s version of “ne me quitte pas”. same friend also directed my attention at miles davis’ version of “porgy and bess”.
now i remembered his name, now i remembered that he was planning to write a book, had actually sent it off to publishers already when i left hiroshima (1999). here it is: david mitchell, “ghostwritten”, random house. i am impressed. judging merely from various reviews, there is something to this book that makes it a mitchell version of – though, not having read it yet, i’m not sure what this could possibly be a version of. or if at all. will read. promise. must now link to essay of writer on “japan and my writing” and go sleep.

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