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uncertainty - 26 07 2002 - 02:41 - katatonik

Return of the imaginary person

- you didn’t wash the curtains.
- That’s ‘cause I don’t have any.
- you didn’t invite me for the weekend.
- That’s ‘cause you don’t exist. No, wait: that’s ‘cause someone else is coming for the weekend. And beyond.
- you did quite a lot of cleaning, actually. whoever that is, must be more important than yourself. you never do that much cleaning for yourself.
- That’s ‘cause I know my own germ’n dirt tolerance levels, which are quite high. Guests are different.
- still grinning, eh?
- more than ever. and beyond.
- he might bring his own imaginary person.
- Sigh. OK, if he brings his own imaginary person, I promise, I’ll introduce you, and the two of you can go out into the courtyard and play together. Agreed?
- hm. let me think about it.
- No hurry. Absolutely no hurry.

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