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le cross et le culture et le thinking - 10 09 2002 - 23:54 - katatonik

East-West-dialogue, these days

- say, the Dalai Lama’s really cool.
- um.
- all that Buddhism shit, you know. It’s so peaceful. Wise. Calm. Warm. Clean. Nothing like that dirty, greedy civilization of ours.
- yea. Buddhism rules.
[a few mind-boggling years later]
- say, that Dalai Lama really stinks.
- um.
- all that Tantra shit. Kalachakra. Secret rituals. You know, they’re raping 12 year old girls for that stuff. Really brutal.
- incredible, dude.
- you wouldn’t get away with anything like that in our civilization, would ya. I mean, these Tibetans – middle ages!
- yea. Buddhism really sucks.
- hey, did you know that even the Nazis liked Buddhism?
- Someone oughta do somethin’ ‘bout those brutal Buddhists.
- yea, man. They’re the real realm of evil, man.


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