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socks - 22 09 2002 - 04:05 - katatonik

Instant sock-link notification appreciation

Mr. ronsens kindly made me aware of this unsurpassed piece of sock drama:

The Tale of Sockpuppetta – Sock Jedi

Also starring Obi Sock and Darth Sock, who is – I guess you could see this coming – finally defeeted.

Reviewers’ quotes:
“It seemed a little derivative and predictable. The story seemed to wander by the third act. On the plus side, the acting was top notch. I really felt Dark Socks pain. Who’s the actor? Also, the set design was excellent. I felt like I was really there. Over all, worth the price of admission.”

“I laughted, I cried, I ask myself why did I come back to see this a second time? All I know is that I will be back.”

“Very, very sad – but very funny too. My socks have never demonstrated any theatrical ability whatsoever but then I have never given them the opportunity to express themselves. Maybe I have the next Sockpuppetta lying in my sock drawer waiting to be discovered.”

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