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politics - 22 09 2002 - 05:21 - katatonik

A story from May

“I and my friends have been doing the support for an Afghan asylum seeker who is detained at Hiroshima Detention Center for his illegal entry. His name is Abdul Aziz and he is Hazare of which ethnic group had been oppressed by Taliban. The prosecuter never admits that he is a refugee. Considering the present situation in Afghanistan, he should not be forced to return there. He knew the dismissal of his application for a refugee at the jail of Hatsukaichi Police Station! He is now so exhausted mentally that he cannot but take anti-depression medicine. We meet him by turns at Hiroshima Detention Center on every weekday. He can speak English fluently than Japanese, but the officials never admit him having English conversation! Next trial will be held at 304 room of Hiroshima Local Court from 2:20p.m. on 27th. We ask you to hear it, even if you cannot understand complicated Japanese and Persian language.”
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