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social and antisocial - 26 09 2002 - 18:29 - katatonik

Talking around

- “You know, they’ve all these categories for refugees? Political refugess, refugees for economic reasons, ...”
- “Yes. So?”
- “They’ve forgotten family refugees: people who leave a country because they can’t stand their family.”
- “Like you?”
- “Yes. Like me”.

M.K., 65, left Budapest in 1965.

- ”... and then I went South, from Gilgit, but not towards Islamabad. I went into a different valley, crossing passes and such.”
- “How did you get around?”
- “On a jeep. I’d never seen a jeep taking on 20 people before.”
- “How were the people?”
- “Nice, really nice. There was this one guy with a gun. I asked him, ‘why do you have a gun?’. He said, ‘because the world is a dangerous place’. I said, ‘the world is a dangerous place because there are people like you running around with guns’. We both laughed. So, yes, nice.”
- “And the landscape?”
- “You know, when we arrived at the pass, I couldn’t believe my eyes – I’d never seen so much edelweiss before in my life. Edelweiss in Pakistan. Unbelievable.”
- “You must have found that secret hole in space which connects Pakistan to Austria.”
- “Guess so.”

C.P. ,36, traveled to Pakistan from China in 1988. He comes from the countryside in Salzburg, a region hardly deprived of edelweiss.

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