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accidentalism - 22 01 2005 - 14:35 - katatonik

Past scribblings

For some reason, I scribbled “Naumann’s elephant” into a notebook seven years ago.

Naumann Elephants (Palaeoloxodon naumanni) roamed in East Asia and Japan from 300 thousands years ago until 15 thousands years ago, at a time when Japan was connected to the Asian continent by land. Sold out at Toyosaurus, but will be back in stock.

Much later, when Japan was of course no longer firmly connected to the continent, in 1863, that is, an Indian elephant was taken to Edo. Elephants and other rare animals were at that time exhibited at those places called “sakariba”, “the thriving places of gathering, relaxation and informality”. (A collection of Yoshitoyo elephant prints, and here a few by Yoshimori.)

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