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zeze, takahisa - 21 04 2003 - 00:01 - katatonik

Zeze, Takahisa

Born 1960 in Ooita, Kyushu. Filmmaker. One of the “shitenno”, the “four kings” of “pink eiga” filmmaking.

After a number of Super-8-films during his student days at Tokoy university, and after working as an assistant director on several films, he completed his feature debut “Good Luck Japan” in 1989.

His 1991 film “No Man’s Land” is charmingly credited to Zeze Takahisa alias “Jean-Luc Zezemusch”.

Nothing else is known about his life.

1991: “Waisetsu Boko Shiyudan, kemono” (No Man’s Land), 35mm, 60min. (Midnight Eye Review. Gulf War I alert!).
1996: “Karura no Yume” (The Dream of Garuda), 35mm, 60’.
1999: “Hysteric”, 35mm, 100’.
2001: “Tokyo X Erotica”, 35mm, 77’.

More must be known about his films, but I’m too tired now.

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