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philosophy - 13 03 2003 - 16:03 - katatonik

He came and asked for an epistemology

“At that moment I perceived a gulf between us that I had only dimly seen before. It struck me at first as simply the gulf between being serious and being frivolous. But that initial surge of self-righteousness on my part was, in fact, a naive reaction. My sense of outrage, my sense that my time had been wasted by this man’s bizarre project, was in its own way as unsophisticated as the reaction of the first-time theater-goer who leaps on the stage to protect the heroine from the villain. “Don’t you understand?” we ask incredulously. “It’s make believe. It’s art. It isn’t supposed to be taken literally!” Put in that context, perhaps this man’s quest was not so disreputable after all. I would not have been offended, would I, if a colleague in the Drama Department had come by and asked if he could borrow a few yards of my books to put on the shelves of the set for his production of Tom Stoppard’s play, Jumpers. What if anything would be wrong in outfitting this fellow with a snazzy set of outrageous epistemological doctrines with which he could titillate or confound his colleagues?”

Daniel Dennett, Postmodernism and truth.

Here I go again: Dankeschön.

Den Text finde ich, Satz für Satz, überzeugender (und geistreicher) als das bisherige Lebenswerk von Bruno Latour - der da ja eigentlich irgendwie zwischen den Zeilen herumschwirrt.

Ekkehard Knörer (Mar 15, 02:33 pm) #

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