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tibet - 24 05 2002 - 13:19 - katatonik

Drink to demonstrate

“dGe-’dun Chos-’phel (or Gedun Choephel, or Gendun Choephel, or …) said the most important thing is concentration. The mind must be totally absorbed in the subject. One day he said that he would show me what he meant. He went to the market and bought a bottle of arak, he started to drink. He drank and drank and kept asking whether his face had gone red yet. By the last drop he was quite inebriated. He stripped off stark naked and sat down and started to draw; he drew a perfect figure of a man starting off at one fingertip and going all round in one continuous line until he ended back up at the fingertip again.”

The photographer Fany Mukherjee, who travelled through India with Gedun Choephel in 1938, quoted in Clare Harris’ “In the Image of Tibet”.

i still prefer the voodoo priest who drank three bottles of cachaca when in trance and was stone cold sober when he woke up.

bokor (May 28, 01:18 pm) #

hm. but what's the point of drinking when you're already in trance?

katatonik (May 28, 01:42 pm) #

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