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socks - 21 09 2002 - 21:41 - katatonik

Sock solitaire

Brought to us courtesy of Mr. malorama, a sockish dilemma: man knits socks for loved other man that he’s then deciding to break up with, presents him with first sock and IOU for second – all this at a time when loved man’s moving to a colder town & before they break up. Knitting man keeps knitting and intends to break up with socked man when socks are finished.
Now, unexpectedly – dare we ask, somewhat maliciously, whether the quality of the first sock had something to do with this? -, sock-man breaks up with knitting man first.
What’s knitting man to do?
We agree with Mr. malorama: option 1 is the way to go. Socks come in pairs.
Perhaps you, oh humans, should think of that already when giving us away.
Never give away a single sock!

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