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unclassified - 6 06 2001 - 12:45 - katatonik

We could have told him so

“To understand Yasuo Tanaka [= current governor of Nagano-prefecture, Japan], you need a piece of slang you won’t find in any Japanese-English dictionary. Pero-guri is a phrase Tanaka coined himself to describe the sexual act. More specifically, his sexual acts. It’s an onomatopoetic word, the pero coming from the slang pero-pero, which means to lick. The guri comes from guri-guri, which means to grind. The 45-year-old Tanaka is Governor of Japan’s mountainous Nagano prefecture, west of Tokyo, but he’s also a writer, specializing in autobiographical pero-guri tales, which reveal a predilection for flight attendants, married women and fine champagne.” Indeed, an US-American magazine would find such sexual bravado on the part of a politician remarkable, wouldn’t it. “But Tanaka’s fatal error, which is starting to show, is that he thought public adoration was enough.”
We could have told him so. Look where public adoration got us: just a few limbs’n their textiles left around a smoldering campfire, with a control-freakish management to watch over them and a cataleptic recoding department dozing away somewhere in the dark. Oh well, mustn’t grumble. As long as noone pulls the plug of our network connect…

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