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modern mysteries - 21 12 2003 - 01:34 - katatonik

Unexpected memory precision

A man drives his car through typical American desert land: flat plain endless highway, silhouettes of sandy mountains on the horizon.

The soundtrack mirrors the dizzying heat of desert air, interspersed with abrupt uproars of a restless mind, the driver’s restless mind: vague and flirring sounds, suddenly a drumbeat here, an evasive piece of rhythm there.

After only a few seconds, I knew that I knew the music. A few seconds more an I knew this was a Barry Adamson soundtrack.

The film is “Delusion” (1991), directed by Carl Colpaert. The soundtrack used to be my preferable walkman music for nightly trainrides, alternately with Adamson’s “Moss Side Music”.

At some point someone told me that “Delusion” is a fictional soundtrack, made to a film that never existed. Now I’m watching the film, feeling very fictional. Cheers.

Barry Adamson hab ich erst ziemlich spät wahrgenommen, und zwar anlässlich des Soundtracks von Lynchs "Lost Highway". Derselbe hat leider auch "Rammstein" in den Staaten bekannt gemacht. Da gab es auch musikalisch ziemlich irre Sequenzen: Barry Adamson - Antonio Carlos Jobim - Rammstein. Faust. Auge.

gHack (Dec 21, 11:14 am) #

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