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modern mysteries - 24 06 2003 - 00:47 - katatonik

Flash Mobs

“New Yorkers used e-mail to coordinate a huge, instant gathering of people around a particular rug. Participants were instructed to tell questioning salesmen that they all lived together in a warehouse in Queens, and they were considering purchasing the item for use as a “Love Rug” back at the house. After precisely ten minutes the crowd dissipated.”
Flash Mob pictures.

“Unlike in MOB #1, where the participants were not to acknowledge one another, here you should greet even those you do not know. Talk among yourselves about the item and its relative merits and demerits. Only if you are blocked from seeing the item should you stray to examine other merchandise at the site.”

From the instructions for MOB #2.

The 2. Flash Mob in Europe happened
in Vienna, Austria. We did already three ;-))
Find out wether you'll like them:

Have F U N ! ! ! !

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