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just asking - 17 06 2004 - 01:36 - katatonik


Anyone know where “Newioth” is? Somewhere at the sea, with beach resorts, either Tunesia or Israel.

Probably (map)

Stuetzli (Jun 17, 02:16 am) #

Ah, very probable, indeed! Thanks!
I'd just found this box of slides in the collection that had "Newioth" and "Kairuan" written on it. So they must have slipped the Sinai peninsula into Tunesia - visually quite fitting, I must say.

Coincidentally, yesterday I found out that one of the slide boxes with lots of fountain shots, labeled "Rome", must have been taken at the Villa d'Este. I learnt this by googling for "Rom Wasserspiele".

(Categorise under: "Internet Helps Reconstruct Forgotten Family Trips Noone Really Wants To Remember")

katatonik (Jun 17, 02:43 am) #

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