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banville, john - 9 07 2003 - 22:18 - katatonik

John Banville (1945-)

Writer. Born in Wexford, Ireland on December 8, 1945. Literary editor at the Irish Times from 1988-1999.
Writes also for the New York Review of Books.

Nightspawn (1971)
Birchwood (1973)
Doctor Copernicus (1976)
Kepler (1981)
The Newton Letter: An Interlude (1982)
Mefisto (1986)
The Book of Evidence (1989)
Ghosts (1993)
The Broken Jug: After Kleist (1994)
Athena (1995)
The Ark (1996)
The Untouchable (1997)
Eclipse (2000) (reviews)
God’s Gift (2000)
Shroud (2002) (reviews) (Read excerpt)

Long Lankin (1970)
The Supreme Fictions of John Banville (1999)
The Revolutions Trilogy (2000)
Frames Trilogy 1 (2001)
Frames Trilogy 2 (2001)

Prague Pictures: Portrait of a City (2003) (review by Michael Hofmann).

“The Book of Evidence”, “Ghosts” and “Athena” form a loose trilogy narrated by Freddie Montgomery, a convicted murderer. The central character of Banville’s 1997 novel “The Untouchable”, Victor Maskell, is based on the art historian and spy Anthony Blunt. “Eclipse” (2000), is narrated by Alexander Cleave, an actor who has withdrawn to the house where he spent his childhood. “Shroud” (2002), his latest novel, continues the tale begun in “Eclipse”.

Tim Conley on John Banville at the Scriptorium.
British Council page on Banville.

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