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fever on the couch - 9 09 2002 - 08:54 - katatonik

So the <a href="http://campcatatonia.org/index.php?id=992">sofatic symptoms</a> left

and I sipped litres of plum-wine to celebrate the occasion and discuss art, global politics, and plum-wine with two ladies,
and went on to discuss Whatever with one of them,
over some more wine,
while hoooooooooting people in hooooonking cars drove by,
waving Serbian flags,
and then,
in anticipation of the dilemma to come,
got myself a nice Milka (chocolate) at the local late-night supplier of greasy sausages and dubious beverages
- realizing that a single shot of brick walls on the small Würstel-dealer-TV was sufficient to let me recognize “Rear Window”,
(yes, I pride myself in instant film recognition, as rare as the occasion is,) -
at home,
devoured the chocolate,
only to realize that the devil resigned,
just to give way to his grandmother,
or worse.
Now, could the symptoms please come back?

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