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technological innovation - 26 12 2005 - 02:05 - katatonik

The Powers That Be

Greetings, comrades! I am speaking to you as an instrument of state oppression, as I regret to inform everyone that the ‘revolution’ feature of Last.fm groups has been disabled for the time being …

The small number of groups currently in a revolutionary state will be manually restored to some kind of stable aristocracy – if you have concerns about this process, you can voice them in this thread and we will be in touch.

The masses were reacting:

“It appears that the resolution to the OTTAWA ON group revolution was to keep the original leader in power. This is not really acceptable as our current leader doesn’t appear to exist. If someone else, anyone else, could be placed in power, that’d be great.”

“The Pink Floyd revolution was going to end next Tuesday, and after everyone else dropped out of the running, and the leader abdicated to me while the revoltuions were going on, and while I had the only votes, I can still only abdicate my “leadership.” But I have no real powers at all. If someone could get around to our fairly large group that would be super. And on another note, I didn’t really find any problems with the system, I thought it was cool.”

“Thanks for making me the leader in the Punknews group. I have a feeling we’re one of the reasons for this. Anywho, how do I go about banning people?” (BlitzkriegBill)

“We have a situation at Spanish Inquisition group. Our current leader Snob has been logged in on the site and we’ve PMed him, but he hasn’t done anything in the group in weeks. We had a revolution just going on when the feature was removed.” (This is my personal favourite, actually.)

“You said you would resolve the issue with my troublesome co-leader in I Am The Pretty Pretty Princess And Welcome To My Enchanted Castle Please Have Some Bread when the revolutions ended. And now the revolutions are over so…”

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