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technological innovation - 7 04 2001 - 10:13 - katatonik

Weather crumbles!

Robin Southgate, a design student at Brunel University, developed a toaster that burns the wheather forecast into your bread, choosing between three different drawings for “cloudy”, “sunny” and “rainy” respectively. He says having been inspired by the Tangible Media Project of the MIT, the guys that make bottles talk or bots record and playback physical motion. Quoth Mr. Southgate: “Eventually the stencils could be changed for a more sophisticated imaging system that might be able to burn weather maps, short text messages and even adverts on to bread.” He could have left out the last bit, though.

more stuff: an article in German on http://.../>Heise, and, more importantly, Robin Southgate's http://.../>own homepage. note that the above image, where the outline of the cloud is brighter than its surroundings, is an earlier stage of the project; Southgate then changed the apparatus, and the final prototype leaves the outline DARKER than its surroundings (as you can see on his homepage). sadly, the issue of whether this affects the toast's taste is not addressed in his report.

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