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meanwhile - 5 06 2002 - 21:17 - katatonik

Meanwhile on the other side of the Walser gulf

“It is astonishing how lightly people talk of war. Is it because they are so pampered by their middle-class security that they cannot envisage the disastrous consequences of war? After all, the previous India-Pakistan wars were confined to remote regions, never resulted in mass-scale deaths and destruction of cities. Is it because they don’t know what life was like in war-ravaged Europe, Beirut, Kabul or Jaffna? Is it because they don’t understand that today’s war could incinerate their middle-class cocoons, devastate their cities, factories and fields, transform their friends and relatives into suppurating corpses, rob their children’s future, if not lives?”

Anita Pratap, “The Cowardice of War”.

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