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technological innovation - 29 01 2003 - 23:19 - katatonik

Virtual money defrosting report

For collecting my dubious second income, resulting from the sale of dirty socks over the Internet, I generally rely on a Paypal account. Since I am now residing in Germany, I can even transfer the dirty sock money directly to my bank account, which isn’t yet possible in Austria. Hurray!

At the end of December, I logged into my Papyal account to check up on the money. It turned out Paypal had “limited access” to my account. I could still receive money, but I couldn’t withdraw it to my bank account, I couldn’t pay bills, or request lazy customers to f*cking pay their f*cking socks.

Reading up on similar stories – on some anti-paypal websites -, I suspected that they froze my account because it had been accessed from a suspect IP-address. By suspect address, they mean, well, that it is registered in a country where Paypal does not operate or that it is in some other way unidentifiable.

My suspicion was confirmed: it was accessing my account from Mr. gH:’s most suspect computer in lovely St. Bimbam (Switzerland) which had frozen my money. Who would have thought.

To defrost the account, I had to fax in (a) a copy of a photo-ID, (b) a recent bank statement, (c) a recent credit-card statement, and (d) a utility bill (phone, electricity). It took me a few weeks to gather the documents; I won’t bother you with the tedious details. But this Monday I faxed, and today my account was set free.

I’m stressing this just because there are many frustrated customer stories, about account limitations not being lifted for weeks or even months even though people produced the required documents.

I still find the entire procedure somewhat dubious, but, what the heck, I can bathe in dirty money again (and waste some Antville server fund money that miraculously accumulated on my Paypal account in internet casinos, hehe).

Hooray! Now: buy that server!

PS: My computer automatically filed a lawsuit. It's not dubious. That's demeaning!

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