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borderless confusion - 7 02 2003 - 17:27 - katatonik

Nation-building, leaf by leaf

“The [Indian] Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee launched the National Mission for Manuscripts for the preservation of the vast wealth of manuscripts at his residence, here today. Speaking on the occasion, Shri Vajpayee said that the National Mission for Manuscripts would heighten our knowledge of our spiritual, artistic, intellectual, and scientific heritage” and added that “it will also bring new proofs of our national unity
this mission has a great significance for India.

Why? The answer to this question can be given by citing an example from a different field.

It is the findings of archeologists in Harappa and Mohenjodaro.

These findings did not bring any direct benefit to our people. Yet, even today we speak with great pride about the fact that Harappa and Mohenjodaro prove the antiquity and glory of Indian civilisation.

The same is also true about the archeological findings in Dwaraka and Lothal in later decades.

These findings strengthened our national self-awareness. They increased our understanding of our cultural and historical traditions.

This intangible benefit is immensely helpful in nation-building.”

Prime Minister Launches National Mission for Manuscripts

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