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borderless confusion - 19 04 2003 - 13:06 - katatonik

The other day in Udine

“Authorities in the north-eastern Italian region have asked the Far East Film Festival to withdraw invitations to about 22 delegates from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan including actors, producers and directors. “

The Udine festival runs from April 24 to May1.

Unconfirmed reports transmitted to Camp Catatonia over a leisurely breakfast this morning have it that Westerners living in any of the above countries were not included in the ban and may still attend the festival.

The inclusion of Taiwan in the list is strange, given that only very few SARS cases are known from that country (all of which seem imported), and that there is no spread of SARS in Taiwan. Or is this just Italy’s belated recognition of the People’s Republic of China’s territorial claims over the island?

Ist doch immer wieder super, wenn Krankheiten als Ausrede für politischen und (manchmal durchaus rassistischen) Kuddelmuddel herhalten müssen.

gHack (Apr 19, 02:58 pm) #

I was wondering where you got the photo of Chief Sonihat's funeral? I am his great, great grand daughter. Do you have any other photos of him or his relatives?

Janice Montry (Aug 26, 01:29 am) #

Sorry, I have no other photos. This one was taken from a photo book on "American Indians" which I saw at a friend's house, and unfortunately I didn't note the publication information. Please contact me via e-mail if you would like to know more about this photo, and who took it.

katatonik (Aug 26, 08:59 am) #

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