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unclassified - 23 05 2001 - 12:30 - katatonik

Voices from the backyard

Some visitors end up here looking for “foot worship” there. Which is surprising, given that our precious little page which contains said string is not even amongst the first 200 search results. Speaking of which, visitors to camp catatonia, who no doubt share our pedic predilections, will be interested to learn that Jutta Jain-Neubauer recently (2000) published an apparently highly learned book about “Feet and Footwear in Indian Culture”. For years, she traveled across the Indian subcontinent to document the making of some of the most traditional types of footwear. Oh yes, and of course she also realized what some of us have known all along: “Innumerable references to the foot and to foot worship in Indian culture convey the impression that the foot is regarded as an important if not the most important part of the human body.” And now lift that toe and hit the “order”-button!

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