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borderless confusion - 31 03 2001 - 23:10 - katatonik

old friends revisited, part 1

Old friend Sven Serrano (hi Sven!), proud inhabitant of Ugly Osaka and occasional visitor to my former hometown Rugged Hiroshima (aren’t there ANY photos of Hiroshima online that are NOT related to The Bomb?), reminds me that he is still SubGenius pope of Western Japan. Meaning that he is ordained to head the Western Japan chapter of the “Church of the SubGenius”, a salvific organisation founded by the charismatic J.R. “Bob” Dobbs (the man with the pipe) that caters to the needs of the jaded and disoriented postmodern – pastiche-dripping pamphlets, gut wretching jokes, reckless merchandising, heartfelt conspiracy theories, instant salvation, lots of sex and more than enough of evil, all to be enjoyed via a horrendously designed website. In times when the new US administration compassionately shifts social responsability from the public to the religious, when big bang theories are replaced by creationist bubble-talk in (hopefully only) some US-schools, when Indian universities aim to include Vedic Astrology in their curricula, developing pastiche churches might not be such a bad idea after all. Preach on, Sven, and get me some more of that slack!

My, such a flattering description of my ministry. Actually there is now a permanent SubGenius presence in Hiroshima in the form of Greg Lipman, the Bishop of Ground Zero. Praise "Bob!"

Sven (Apr 2, 04:33 pm) #

My, such flattering, yet enigmatic logs on one of our most ancient campfires! Delightful, indeed.

katatonik (Nov 18, 06:53 pm) #

phillip gilbert

ian salmond (Nov 19, 12:04 am) #

oystermouth school

gail salmond (Nov 19, 12:05 am) #

  Textile help