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unclassified - 6 04 2001 - 15:02 - katatonik

facial muscle memoirs

[1]80s: keep your face straight. never smile in public places, never cry in other spaces. cleaning your teeth is aesthetically unnecessary as noone will ever see them anyway. so don’t bother.
[2]early 90s: nondescript. but stick to dental neglect.
[3]late 90s: start smiling. show partly exaggerated facial movements. but be careful now: years of dental neglect have left your teeth in a rather uncomely state.
[4]early 00s: keep smiling. curb down remaining exaggeration of facial movements and let the dentist take care of the rest. get used to frequent experiences of stiff muscles due to over-excessive smiling. and laughing. wonder whether there’s a face behind the face, and reexamine “invasion of the body snatchers”.

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