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unclassified - 11 10 2001 - 22:57 - katatonik

First the “might”, and then suddenly the “was”

And then there was this German expert on German TV, living in New York, said to have researched the relationship between terrorism and the media for ages and ages. An authority.
Then he was talking about how bin Laden might have used the recently broadcast video to send hidden messages to his followers all over the world. For his appearance in the video was really strange, the expert said, you have to admit: Why would someone who is sooooo anti-US actually carry a US-made watch on his wrist? Why would he wear military clothing that might even have come from the US?
No, it’s not certain, the expert said. But there might have been hidden messages, because, you have to admit, the video was really unusual.
First the “might”, then suddely the “was”. Should we place a bet that in a few days, this flirtation with a paranoid possibility will have turned into a well-reported factoid?

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