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unclassified - 20 04 2001 - 12:56 - katatonik

slight breach of discretion due to prolongued idleness

Joseph John Jenkins: Idle Moments
Generally, camp catatonia follows a policy of discretion regarding visitor information. Yes, we know your IP-addresses, but we won’t tell anyone, not even yourself, and not even inform you that we know what we know. But some addresses, which I must admit to following up in my idle moments, just puzzle me all too much for maintaining discretion: Who in the Austrian Parliament building decides to pay a visit to camp catatonia? It is conceivable that some high-tech member of parliament fools around with their laptop during a session, deciding that camp catatonia is more important than alleged informer affairs or human rights violations by Austrian Police? Does camp catatonia thus unknowingly contribute to the spread of Attention Deficiency Disorder amongst Austrian politicians? And to bad politics? This is profoundly unsettling.

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