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unclassified - 1 05 2001 - 22:00 - katatonik

May Day

You don’t need more than this. Scroll, click, read, think, quiz your political activism mode. Updates here. May Day should prove to be one of the most interesting occasions to reflect on what is commonly called “globalisation”, on forms of political protest, and on meaning, scope and implications of the buzz-word “anti-capitalism”. My head will get round to it eventually, but first I’ve got to drill some more holes into walls. More on my own personal May Day, which perhaps deserves the label “most ambivalent May Day statement ever”, tomorrow. Promised.

or the day after tomorrow, you lazy b...

sock (May 2, 11:26 pm) #

watch it, sock. you're risking painful stitches!

katatonik (May 3, 12:26 pm) #

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