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unclassified - 3 06 2001 - 23:20 - katatonik

Referer rerun

The person who looked for “smooth women” probably didn’t expect this kind of information. The person who looked for “Japanese pickup line” was in all likelihood disappointed with this page. The person looking for “Schlammbäder”, on the other hand, may have been enchanted by this entry. People looking for “women-bathing”, “bathing women” and “Indian women bathing” may well have smiled at this entry. “Foot worship” keeps being sought after – three referers only today.
... for a weblog, entries like this one are just like those episodes of soap operas which largely consist of earlier episodes, couched in some spurious frame narrative (all characters sitting around a photo album remembering good old times9: emptiness veiled by the semblance of content.

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