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technological innovation - 23 12 2003 - 21:30 - katatonik

Speaking of irony

”... management inside Microsoft told me directly that they
only have Tibetan Unicode capability in their software because the
Chinese government requires that any OS for use in China has basic
support for all the scripts of the so-called minorities in China.
Microsoft is quite up front about the fact that they couldn’t care
less about Tibetan (or several other) “minority” scripts. They said
directly that the implementation of these scripts just costs time and
money that has no profit factor to it all. They do it only so that
their OS will at least have a chance of acceptance in China. What
that means is that coming releases of Microsoft software as a whole
will be “Tibetan Unicode” capable BUT that they will not have all the
facilities / special formatting details in it that real Tibetan
computing requires. So, it is quite a mistake with Tibetan at any
rate, to get very excited about claims of “Unicode capable”. And in
general, assessment of the value of a wordprocessor requires many
things other than assessment of its Unicode capability.”

Recently on a mailing-list, somewhere.

"Völker, von denen nur noch eine Unicode-Map existiert."

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