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osmpr - 29 04 2005 - 17:56 - katatonik

To whom it may concern

Updated desktop and notebook to SuSE 9.3.
Notebook: a blissful update, now W-LAN can be configured within SuSE, and there’s no need for a third-party commercial driver (linuxant) anymore.
Desktop: not a single USB device is recognised. Followed all sorts of advice scattered throughout user forums, to no avail. Waiting for SuSE’s support to reply, while updating biosystem to version Penne plus tomatoes 2.3.

Two hours later: Penne plus tomatoes running stable. Crashed the desktop with a desperate “mkinitrd” attempt that made me see my first ever kernel panic. Reinstalled the system update from scratch, and whaddayasay, the mouse is mousing, the printer is printing, the usb is usb-ing. Cheerio.


gHack (Apr 29, 08:11 pm) #

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