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osmpr - 17 04 2003 - 01:18 - katatonik

Getting hooked on smoothness

Slowly getting hooked on this new operating system. Successfully installed xine to watch videos and listen to music. Very smooth.

Downloaded TeXLive (slowly moving towards TeX, very slowly, yes), and burnt the ISO image on CD. Also very smooth.

Still no enlightening findings on the keyboard customization front side. Kate looks like the text editor I’ll use, for the beginning (steering clear of The Holy Wars, hehe). Oh, and some linux-eating donkeys or related quatripeds would be nice, thank you.

Well, there's LMule (http://sourceforge.net/projects/lmule/). If you're not hell-bent on using quadrupeds, you could always try LimeWire (http://www.limewire.com).

Congratulations on your successes so far and more greetings to the Hanse city,

Salad-chomping Ms. J.

PS: Should xine give up the ghost for some reason, try vlc. A tad clunky, but very reliable.

jbsk (Apr 17, 11:28 pm) #

Ah, I see, the carrot did not survive long. No, I'm not addicted to the four-legged ones, especially since quadrupedia seems to be a purely command-line issue and I'm too lazy for that right now.

PS: xine has not given up any ghosts or other creatures with dubious leg count, but thanks for the hint.

PPS: even more greetings to the extra-Hanse realm.

katatonik (Apr 17, 11:46 pm) #

I have bookmarked a visit to Berlin, anyway. Air Berlin flies Zurich-Berlin for next to nothing.

gHack (Apr 18, 12:50 pm) #

  Textile help