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unclassified - 15 09 2001 - 22:02 - katatonik

A thing that history should not forget

is that the first expert interviewed by CNN after both WTC towers had collapsed was Tom Clancy.
- ... fine, thanks for the reminder, I’ll add it to the files. Anything else that you think I should not forget, my dear?
- oh, well, no, can’t think of anything at the moment. Perhaps that Wolfgang Koydl, who has handled the bomb attacks on the US for the “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” so far, is disappointingly not up to the task. He’d soaked his reports in pathos from the beginning, and now he writes things like “no trace of friendliness can be found in his face” (“In seinen Gesichtsz├╝gen findet sich keine Spur von Freundlichkeit”) about Mohamed Atta, one of the suicide bombers. Unfortunately he doesn’t tell us what traces might be found in the face of George Bush. Or his own.
- well, filing your assessments of someone else’s assessments of terrorists’ emotions is not my task either, you know. I’m no Koydl. Can’t help you on that one.
- ok, then. Just forget about it. I’ll let you know once I can think of some facts you should record.
- ... done (the forgetting). I hope you had a nice holiday
- since when is history interested in my holidays?
- only in the facts. Of course.
- later. Got catching up to do.

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