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unclassified - 4 10 2001 - 18:09 - katatonik

Winter promises

naked man skating

Still from Jaan Tomik’s 2’38’’ video “Father and Son”. Jaan Tomik is an artist from Estonia. The video – which I saw here – shows him skating. I never saw anyone skate naked before, and I must say it is a strangely comforting yet subtly erotic experience. Winter suddenly sounds promising.
Who is Jaan Tomik, you ask?
“Jaan Toomik’s most thought-provoking project was his 1992 installation which consisted of sealed jars containing his faeces labelled like items on a menu. The installation was seen as a quest for human existence based on surrounding realities. This was the period when the value of the rouble was rapidly decreasing and many people had a new experience of hunger.”
10 Questions to Jaan Tomik

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