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unclassified - 7 10 2001 - 23:03 - katatonik

Donations, anyone?

The unexpected increase in traffic to the website of the “Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan” (RAWA) obviously created problems.
The site in itself is a bit bizarre, what with all the “RAWA in the media” and “order RAWA T-shirts, mugs etc.” buzz, plus the “patriotic songs” available as mp3.
Nevertheless, in times like these, even mug-sellers – which I think should in general be made to wash up the entire amount of coffee-mugs used in Austria per day – deserve moral and financial support. Making a donation via PayPal will help RAWA moving its website to a dedicated server; making a donation to RAWA via money order or check – there’s also a bank account in Britain for us Europeans – will help RAWA’s humanitarian projects in Afghanistan.
As an aside, I’m wondering whether the unexpected increase in media coverage in the West might not also have created problems for RAWA and its members in Afghanistan, or Pakistan. But that’s another topic.

Update: RAWA’s site seems to have moved here.

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