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unclassified - 6 12 2001 - 11:36 - katatonik

How to kill time without money

Here’s a question, oh esteemed visitors: what would you do all day – in Vienna – if you had to kill time (lots of time), no permission to work and no money?
Here’s the background: an acquaintance of mine works for an US agency that prepares Iranians for their future life in the US – in Vienna. The people have come to Vienna sponsored by relatives in the US, and it is here that they go through the process of visa application and so forth.
Due to the recent tightening of US immigration policy, about 200 visas have suddenly been rejected. The Iranians are stranded in Vienna. As far as I know, they will sooner or later move on to the US, though noone knows when, but now they’re here, they have no money, they are desparate, and they don’t know what to do all day.
My – very pragmatic – friend got them access to the National Library, where apparently you can use computers for next to no money, which is fine, as getting familiar with computers & Internet will no doubt be useful. There are also other libraries of course, but there’s only so much time you can, or want to, spend in a library.
But what else can you do that’s cheap, somehow stimulating, remotely useful and doesn’t get you frostbite this time of the year?
Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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