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unclassified - 22 02 2002 - 03:00 - katatonik

Broken down

Just like everybody else, camp catatonia indulges in a little bit of spying on its visitors. Nothing painful, very discreetely done (if not, as recently, misplaced SSI calls mess up our otherwise beautifulll campsite, but that’s not my job), and of course it’s all our secret. Promise.

What I do find nice about my little spying tool is its menu. Oh sure, you have plain old boring things like “last 10 visitors” or “top 10 browsers”. Who cares.

No, what really makes my day are the breakdowns. I can have a monthly breakdown, a weekly breakdown, a daily breakdown, and – gosh – even an hourly breakdown. Then I can hang out in the monthly breakdown area, the weekly breakdown area, and so on. Being broken down in the illustrous company of red, blue, yellow, and green bars, short ones and long ones, a few percentage indicators here and there – what could be more soothing to one’s mind?

There’s also a menu item which allows me to “Generate Your Code”. Recently, I’ve started wondering whether this might be the magical code that takes me out of a breakdown area.

Perhaps I should click on it some day. But for now, I’m just happy being broken down.

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