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unclassified - 23 02 2002 - 13:18 - katatonik

Al Jadid – a review of Arab culture and arts

“A tabloid-sized publication with as many as 36 pages in each issue, AL JADID is published in English, and features original articles along with many translations of essays and interviews by Arab writers, journalists, scholars, and poets as well as original illustrations by featured artists. Many leading Arab writers, from both the United States and from the Arab world, contribute to AL JADID.

Much of what you read in AL JADID challenges conventional approaches to Arab culture and arts. We have covered scores of Arab intellectuals and artists under fire from the state or extremists; most recently, AL JADID offered extensive coverage of the cases of Egyptian sociologist Saad Eddin Ibrahim, Kuwaiti author Laila al-othman, Syrian novelist Haidar Haidar, Moroccan author Mohammad Shukri, Lebanese composer Marcel Khalife, and the community of Algerian intellectuals and journalists, to mention just a few. At the heart of our coverage was a concern with the sanctity of Arab intellectuals and artists and a fierce defense of those whose pens were treated as weapons.”

Here’s the website.

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