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unclassified - 22 04 2002 - 14:03 - katatonik


“Most real philosophers will never be able to read this paragraph. Several of them have died of laughter-induced heart attacks. Other have their vision blurred by tears of laughter. If you can still read this, and are thinking to yourself “Sure, everyone else says this Patton is a genius, but I don’t see it,” then you need to go to the Nonphilosopher’s Explanation Page! All the people who really appreciate this spent at least five years in philosophy graduate school. Most of their laughter would be dismissed by mental health professionals as an hysterical symptom of some coping mecahnism, one desperately trying to reconcile them to their fates as professional philosophers. You, however, can go on with your relatively normal life (I say relatively because you are surfing the web instead of something less geeky) and still get some of the jokes in this article by reading the Nonphilosopher’s Explanation Page. It will be fun, enlightening, and it will forever remove those nagging doubts you had about what they were doing in philosophy class—they were ruining their lives.”

more: talkshow host Jenny Jones talks to a self-confessing postmodernist, a philosophizing couple on the Jerry Springer Show, Husserl parody, Wittgenstein on fog-like sensations, Proofs that p,.

all this, and more, via David Chalmers’ philosophical humor page.

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