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unclassified - 9 06 2001 - 13:25 - katatonik

Sealing Sushi

look at them. LOOK at them!Ebi (“prawn”) likes eating, especially eating strawberry cakes. The “tamago-kids” (“Egg-kids”) are always together. Joking, playing, sleeping. Unstoppably curious, incredibly active, they confuse the shit – pardon my language – out of Ebi. “Toro-papa” (“Tuna-papa”) is dignified and carefree, but then again also inscrutable because of his poker-face. “Ikura-mama” (“Salmon roe mama”) loves baking cake and takes good care of her children, but then again also gets angry easily. – “Sushi-azarashi”, a family of “Sushi-seals”.
[From the Q & A-section:
Q: I am working in a Sushi-shop, so I was wondering whether there’s actually any Wasabi in “Sushi-azarashi”.
A: Um, actually, as “Sushi-azarashi” are SEALS, no, there’s no Wasabi attached.]

me - i don´t eat fish, but i´m still attracted by sushi-culture and that makes me nosy to follow the "sushi-azarashi" link. but the link doesn´t work (at least on my system...). maybe you (..management) can push the responsible authorities of campcatatonia to repare the broken link.

thank you in anticipation.

katha (Jun 9, 07:53 pm) #

Well, the link does work on our system, my dear. The page is in Japanese, though, and if you don't have Japanese language support installed on your system, you'll see scrambled characters instead of beauuuutifulll writing. But the images should still display, and there should be a link on the upper left-hand corner to "English version". - Just noticed that there's an alternative URL: Try http://.../>this.

management (Jun 9, 08:33 pm) #

ach, sind die süüüüüüüüß. aber warum kein wasabi? schade :-(

kobold maki (Jan 17, 02:01 pm) #

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