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politics - 20 06 2006 - 07:37 - katatonik

Love and tears

“Then, the British learnt to cry in public. Now, the Germans are learning to love themselves.”

After 60 years of shame, Germany flies the flag again (The Times Online)

Wo waren die Typen dann 1989 und 1990? Vom “neuen Nationalstolz” les ich schon seit Ende der 80er.

gHack (Jun 20, 08:37 am) #

Please, please, appease me.

tristan (Jun 20, 10:54 am) #

Ja, aber echt. After 20 years of writing the same stories, we simply write them again! And again! And again!

der (Jun 20, 12:12 pm) #

And now that we know how to cry in public, we will make use of this newly gained capacity if you accuse us of being repetitive.

katatonik (Jun 20, 01:27 pm) #

One learns never off.

goncourt (Jun 21, 08:55 pm) #

btw: “Germany has not seen such an outpouring of national pride since the start of the First World War in 1914”

goncourt (Jun 21, 09:04 pm) #

An der Stelle hab ich aber auch ganz laut HÄ? gedacht. Und wenn es so wäre, was würde dann kommen, jetzt?

Mama (Jun 22, 12:20 pm) #

da treten wa doch mal den beweiss an, dass d hassen noch immer voll in ist:

frickel (Jun 28, 11:12 am) #

  Textile help