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unclassified - 8 04 2001 - 13:59 - katatonik

The world behind the horse

What kind of site would you think is “World New York”? Anything but this, probably: WNY, whose creator Grant Barrett is temporarily based in Paris, publishes quotes and extracts from media available on the net, commented, if at all, only in a minimalist and strictly descriptive fashion. Selection of topics is broad, as the index of topics (some of which have delicious matching icons) reveals – education, globalization, mathematics, seventh heaven, walrus, potatoes, screw loose, and, my decided favourite, horse’s ass. Oddly enough, WNY reminds me of British filmmaker Humphrey Jennings’ book “Pandaemonium 1660-1886: the coming of the machine as seen by contemporary observers”, a collection of short pieces that document popular reaction to industrialization and technology. I have no idea why. Why is this book nowhere to be found on my shelves, where it should be? Probably hidden beneath some dirty socks. Anyway, if you happen to be in Paris today, you can meet up with WNY-associated people for a “European Meatfilter”, with the slogan “That’s not foot-and-mouth! That’s just herpes.” Grant Barrett seems to have a penchant for peculiar naming.

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