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unclassified - 13 04 2001 - 11:43 - katatonik

Find yourself (again)

In times of distress and disorientation, taking a couple of tests helps to reestablish some framing pillars of one’s existence, even if there’s still enough space between those pillars to create even further anxiety. My Philosophical Health Check, for instance, produced the following results:

The PHC has detected no tensions in your thinking.

There are a number of possible reasons for such occurrence:

1. You have a very consistent set of beliefs;

2. You have very few beliefs – and consequently answered none or only a few of the questions!

3. You’ve done this test before!

It goes without saying that I had answered all the questions and done the test for the first time.
The test requires to “agree” or “disagree” with statements like “Individuals have sole rights over their own bodies”, with which I disagreed because I believe that socks must be consulted on all major body-related issues, or “it is not always right to judge individuals on their merits”, with which I also disagreed because I believe that it is always right to judge individuals by their socks. I should be proud of my consistent set of beliefs, shouldn’t I.

Through another test, I then found out that I am a man. Which anyone could have told by looking at my socks (see above).


Michael Margaritis (Nov 22, 02:24 pm) #

I am ready to get back to the way that I was

Lacey Ogburn (Dec 7, 02:03 am) #

  Textile help