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unclassified - 2 04 2002 - 01:31 - katatonik

Do the Goldberg

“Reuben Lucius Goldberg was a Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist who satirized the technology of modern times. He was best known for his cartoons of complicated, ramshackle contraptions that performed simple tasks in ludicrously complex ways. His cartoon character Professor Lucifer Gorgonzola Butts, for example, invented an automatic stamp licker. The contraption involved a robot that would dump a can of ants onto upturned stamps and a starving anteater that would then lick up the ants, moistening the stamps. By the time Goldberg died in 1970, his name had become associated with unnecessarily complicated contraptions and procedures.”

Another word of the day in my mailbox.
Rube Goldberg Gallery.

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