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unclassified - 25 06 2001 - 14:52 - katatonik

Austria, suspended

The Austrian government suspended the Schengen treaty for the duration of June 25 until July 3rd, occasioned by the upcoming World Economy Forum in Salzburg (July 1st to 3rd), where demonstrations and riots are expected.
But why so complicated? Why not just lock the doors to Austria (all five of them) for a week? Sorry, you can’t come in now. We’d like to have a little privacy, and you would just disturb us. Come back a little later, or leave a message on our answer-phone. Of course, you can also just send us the money that you would otherwise spend in our lovely country. Sure. Here’s the number of our bank-account.
Hm, what if chancellor Schüssel then lost the keys [more painful than humorous word-play, which at any rate only works in German]? – Here’s Austria placing a phonecall to the global locksmith: “hello, this is Austria. Er, we locked ourselves up. Actually, we just wanted to keep these demonstrators out, but now we lost the key. Could you please – hello? anybody there? HEEELLLLOOOOO!”

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